5 Ways to promote your event venue and get more bookings

Posted 8 June 2020

So, you’ve created a fantastic event venue space that you know your clients will just love.

But, now have the task of promoting your venue so that people know that your business exists.

Now you may be wondering where to start. And, what you can do to get more awareness and exposure for your business.

Well, that’s why I’ve collated this list of 5 ways to promote your event venue and get more bookings:


Build an SEO-friendly website

When people are planning an event, there’s a high chance they will search for event venues on Google.

So, you’ll want to ensure your website is ranking as high as possible in the Google search results.

To find out if your website is SEO-friendly, use an audit tool such as Woorank or SEOptimer, which will tell you how well your site is performing from an SEO perspective.

Optimise your website by adding relevant SEO keywords and content that your targeted audience will be searching for.


Develop a content marketing strategy

A content marketing strategy covers the content that you post on social media, the blogs you write and any other content that you create to attract your target audience.

It provides a framework that you can follow, which ensures you’re consistent with your approach and makes it easier for you to come up with content ideas.

To ensure you’re taking a strategic approach with your content, I recommend:

  • Choosing 5 – 8 topics which you can write or speak about
  • Creating a social media calendar or planner, so you know what to post each day
  • Batch-creating content to ensure consistency and to save time
  • Using scheduling tools to ensure you’re showing up online at the best times


List your venue on event directories

Event directories, such as the events edit, are a great way to get additional exposure for your event venue.

They contain a lot of rich event planning content which means they will rank well in the Google search.

Event directories also have a strong following of people who are in the process of planning an event, meaning the people visiting their site are warm leads who are looking to make bookings.


Get social on social media

One of the best ways to get more bookings from social media is to get social.

Like and comment on your follower’s posts and share other people’s content if they have posted a photo that was taken at your event venue.

Another way that you can encourage more people to take photos at your event venue is to create spaces and experiences that are designed for creating social media content.

You could hire an event back-drop as one example to create such a space.


Run targeted online ads

Online ad platforms have advanced targeting features these days, and you can now run ads to people who are actively looking to book an event venue.

On Google Ads, you can choose specific keywords that people are searching for to return your business higher in the search.

On Facebook, you can target people by their life stage. For example, you can target people who have gotten engaged and may need a wedding venue, or you could target people who have liked baby-related Facebook pages for small children’s parties or events.

You can also run retargeting ads to people who have visited your site but have not yet booked. 

To set retargeting ads up, ensure you have the Facebook Pixel set up on your site for Facebook or Instagram ads.

And, the Google Tag installed on your site to run retargeting ads via Google Ads.

So, there are five ways to promote your event venue to generate more exposure for your business. 

For more ideas on how to market your service-based business, visit the My Client Strategy Small Business Marketing Blog.



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Image: Maison West Perth

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