5 Ways to Save Time Responding to Client Queries

Posted 30 January 2020

How to save time when, today more than ever before, there are so many avenues for clients to make contact with your business and keeping up with replying can become overwhelming. 

Whether potential customers are reaching out to make enquiries about pricing or your products and services, they are doing it by many different platforms, including phone, direct email, text messages, Facebook or Instagram message and website contact us forms.

Receiving enquiries across multiple platforms can be a little overwhelming at times.  Responding to queries about your products or services individually across all these platforms can be time consuming, however, extremely important to respond to in a timely manner.  Fortunately, many aspects of our business today are mobile – we can respond from anywhere, anytime, via, phone, tablet, iwatch, desk computer, laptop etc which can be a good and bad.  With a 9 – 5 job your home time is your own, running your own business it seems like we are open 24 hours a day and it can be difficult to switch off.  I find I have to make a conscious effort to find the right work / life balance.

Where ever I can I try to find time saving hacks to save time to work smarter not harder.

Several ways I have streamlined responding to enquiries across several businesses on the go across multiple platforms in order to save time and increase productivity are;

  • To have general responses to common queries I receive and save them to the Notes on my smart phone.  By doing this I can reply quickly to emails, Facebook and Instagram messages via my phone when I am on out and about or simply just relaxing at home.
  • Creating a word document with the responses to common queries that are saved in the Notes on my phone which I have saved on the desktop of my laptop and desktop computers.  This way when working on my laptop or desktop I can copy and paste a response quickly adding to it to make it personal and not sounding generic.
  • Creating a Frequently Asked Questions and Answers page on my websites, and keep adding to it as different common queries arise.  This works two fold as it also reduces the amount of question queries so I can spend more time working on bookings / sales queries.
  • Posing Frequently Asked Questions with the Answers to our Instagram stories, then saving the stories to a FAQs Highlight on our Instagram account.
  • Making posts on our Instagram and Facebook feed providing the information commonly asked by potential clients.

Do you have other ways to streamline managing your queries?  We would love to hear them email us at theeventseditteam@gmail.com.au


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