Great Party Theme for Adults

Posted 20 June 2021

Our Favourite Party Themes for Adults

From a little girl I have always loved a good dress up and still today have a huge collection of dress ups for fancy dress parties.  No need for my friends to go to a costume hire store I always see to find a great costume from my collection.

One of my favourite party / event themes for adults though, is Great Gatsby.  Having a theme at an adult party is great as I find it can be an ice breaker for people to strike conversation and adds a lot of fun.  Some people are put off by a theme as they feel it can be a bit tacky, but that is why I love the Gatsby Theme as it oozes class.  Men in suits and the ladies in glitzy dresses and all dolled up.

Gatsby Birthday Party Photos

Styling a Great Gatsby themed event can be simple or as glamorous as you like.  At Perth Backdrop Hire we have several backdrops that look stunning for a Gatsby theme in Gold, Black or Silver.

We have a range of Gatsby props with fans, head pieces, gold gloves, cigarette holders, a small sign, hats, a smaller canvas Gatsby design backdop and hand cards with Gatsby sayings.

  • Doll Face
  • Party Like Gatsby
  • I’ve Got the Moves Like Gatsby
  • I’m So Gangster
  • Time to Sip Champagne and Dance on the Tables
  • A Little Party Never Killed Nobody
  • Old Sport
  • Party Like It’s 1929
  • Let’s Misbehave

Gatsby Party SignFor those who want to go a little extra we also have a black carpet for hire and a black acrylic sign with the words A Little Party Never Killed Nobody in the gold Gatsby font, that comes with an ornate black easel to display the sign.

Add a ballon garland from a Perth Balloon Creative in gold, black and Silver and you will be wowing your guests with this amazing theme.


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