Amazing Litch King Helmet Cake

Posted 17 May 2020

This amazing Lich King Helmet cake …. yes it is a cake and is fully edible was a surprise gift for a huge Warcraft fan on his 30th birthday.

Robyn’s Creative Cakes was approached by Thomas’s partner Felicia, to ask if she could make a custom cae. Felicia had been turned down by many cake decorators who did not want to accept the challenge of making such a unique detailed cake.  When one baker did accept the challenge the price quoted was astronomical. This is when Felicia turned to Robyn’s Creative Cakes.

Thomas is a mad Warcraft video game fan and Felecia knew that a Lich King Helmet cake was the perfect gift for him.  Felicia knew she had left the cake order to the last minute, as Thomas’s birthday was the next weekend, however Robyn was available, up for the challenge and the cake was in her budget.

The cake itself was a chocolate cake topped with a chocolate hazelnut buttercream. The cake took a day to craft and mould from 2 images supplied by Felicia. The final result is simply incredible!!  A unique edible piece of art.

All of Robyn’s customers picking up their cakes that week were amazed at this cake… but the best of all was Thomas’s reaction!

Thomas had no idea he was receiving a cake for his birthday. Felecia drove him to pick up the cake with no discussion about what was going to occur. As Thomas was led to where the cake was displayed he stopped dead…bolted to the floor!  He first thought it was a replica display item.  Felicia had to tell him a couple of times it was a cake.

The poor guy …. it took about 15 minutes for it to sink in that it really was a cake! Then came the difficult part… transportation his gift back home. Thomas took the back seat and nursed the cake all the way back home.


Robyn received so much positive feedback over this cake, and it isn’t hard to tell why.  Thomas can not bring himself to cut the cake and is now he trying to figure to out how to preserve the cake forever…

If you are looking for a beautiful wedding cake, a unique customised novelty cake, or special occasion cake contact Robyn’s Creative Cakes and watch your dream crated and moulded into a reality.

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