Tip For Mums Working From Home

Posted 18 March 2020

Talking to lots of Mum’s running small business who work from home, there seems to be one thing in common, we are all drowning in in emails, and social media, etc and we are all looking for ways to work smarter.

As a home business owner and a mother, I can quite easily get distracted by housework that is glaring at me in the face.  I think, I will just stop and quickly do that, it won’t take long, but the reality is it does and takes away from business productivity.  I have to constantly remind myself that can wait!  What is important is responding to clients in a timely manner, confirming bookings, and prioritising tasks that are generating an income.

However, in saying that I do like things to be in order.  For me if my working space is cluttered or untidy, or the household around me are I find it very hard to focus and get motivated.  So in comes a new game changer to my life ………….

The iRobot which, my adult children bought for me for Christmas.  I had thought about buying one of these robotic cleaners before but I thought;

  • It won’t clean as good as me
  • The dog will bark at it
  • It’s a gimmic
  • It is too expensive
  • It is being lazy

How could I have got this so wrong!!!   I LOVE it.  I close off sections of the house for it to work on at a time so it does a thorough clean. Whilst the robot is taking care of my floors I am responding to emails, making social media posts, talking to clients and getting things done.

It picks everything up, hair, cotton threads, crumbs etc it is so good.  It even has a mop attachment!   I have increased my productivity, cleaning the floors by the robot while I am actually working on my business and generating income.

If you are time poor and need more time to spend on generating business, I recommend looking into an iRobot.

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