Q.   Does the hire cost include delivery and setup / pack down and pickup of the backdrop?

A.   No in order to provide affordable backdrop hire we are a DIY service only with pickup from Rossmoyne 6148.  We allow several days hire in our hire prices to allow the backdrops to be picked up well before the event and returned after the event.


Q.   Will the backdrop fit in my car or will in need a ute or a van?

A.   Yes, all our backdrops are designed to be transported easily in SUVs and cars.  Some backdrops may require a car where the seats lay down in the back or where the items in the boot can stick through to the back seat.  If this is the case it will be mentioned to you at the point of booking.


Q.   How many days is the hire for?

A.   Pickups are Thursday evening and returns are up until Monday evenings.  Alternative arrangements may be available upon request.


Q.   Does the backdrop hire cost include a stand?

A.   Yes, when you hire a backdrop a suitable stand for your setup location is included.


Q.   Is the wood backdrop all one piece or does it require assembly.

A.  The Herringbone Timber backdrop comes in several pieces and is an easy 10 minute assembly.  You will require a screwdriver or drill.


Q.   Will I get instructions on how to assemble the backdrop.

A.   Yes, when you collect the backdrop you will be given a demonstration on how to assemble the backdrop and backdrop stand.


Q.   Do you hire flowerwalls?

A.    We do not have any silk flower walls for hire.  However, we have a stunning white chiffon fabric flower wall backdrop.


Q.   Do you hire photobooths?

A.    Our backdrops can be used as open photobooths or selfie booths, and we have a range of fun dressup photobooth props or hand held signs with sayings on them available for hire. However, we do not hire photobooths that take your photos and print them.


Q.   Is there a deposit required when hiring a backdrop?

A.    No we do not collect a deposit.


Q.   Do you charge cancellation fees?

A.    No, if you event is cancelled or you simply changed your mind that is not a problem, just let us know and we will happily cancel you booking.


Q.    Is there a discount if I hire multiple items?

A.     Sorry there is no discount offered when hiring multiple items, our prices are already discounted and amazing value.


Q.    Do you hire shimmer walls?

A.     No, we do not have any shimmerwalls in our large range of backdrops for hire.  We have a large range of stunning sequin backdrops that shimmer just as nice if not better in images than a shimmer wall.


Q.    When can I pickup the backdrop?

A.     Backdrops hired for weekend events can be picked up on the Thursday evening between 5pm and 7pm.


Q.    When do I return the backdrop?

A.     Backdrops can be returned on Sunday or Monday evenings between 5pm and 7pm. Alternative arrangements can be made upon request.


Q.     Do I need to wash the cocktail table covers?

A.      No, we prefer to wash the covers, however, if you you have hired white lycra covers for your event we recommend you soak them in Napisan if they have any stains, in order to start the stain removal process and return the covers wet.  The sooner the stains are soaked the more chance any stains will come out and you are less likely to lose the bond on damage covers.


Q.     What type of car do I need when hiring the cocktail / bar tables?

A.       Our cocktail / bar tables fit in most cars where the seats lay down in the back.  This will be discussed at the time of booking.  The tabletops tilt flat for easy transport.


Q.     Can I use candles with the  cocktail / bar tables?

A.      Unfortunately we no longer allow candles to be used as wax falls onto the lycra covers and is impossible to remove.  If wax is found on the covers the bond will be lost on the affected covers.  Battery operated covers are ok to be used.


Q.     Is there a bond?

A.      Some of our hire items do require a bond.  You will be advised if there is a bond at the time of enquiry / booking a backdrop, cocktail table etc if this is applicable.


Q.     Can I hire just the backdrop stand?

A.     Generally we do not just hire out stands as it then stops us from hiring it with one of our backdrops for a full price hire.  Depending on the requirements of the type of stand required and what is being hung from it we may be able to hire. So please do ask and we will try our best to provide one for your event.