Wedding Cake Ideas

Posted 3 January 2020

Any Cake Goes – Wedding Cake Ideas

We are loving seeing all the amazing wedding cakes this wedding season in Perth. 

How times have changed from the traditional wedding cakes from the past fifty years, when wedding cakes were pure white, multi tiers of fruit cake separated by plain or fancy clear or white plastic columns, or stacked on top of each other.  The days when wedding cakes were fruit cake and iced in thick white fondant and decorated with lots of piping, hand made icing flowers and topped with a plastic bride and groom.  My wedding cake was four tiers of love heart shaped fruit cakes with white icing flowers, on the day when we went to cut the cake I saw it had not been setup as it should have been, which was a little disappointing.  I have never been a fan of fruit cake but that was what wedding cakes were so that is what we had.  We saved the top tier for our first wedding anniversary which was also the done thing back then.  Below is an image of my wedding cake which at the time I thought was amazing.  I am so glad that times have changed, and it is now more a case of ‘you do you’.

Perth Brides are choosing to have their cake and eat it too, choosing to have their wedding cake made from what they like to eat and have so many options available as to how their wedding cake looks.  We are seeing some really beautiful cakes styled with stunning fresh blooms of flowers, and custom made cake toppers and some really unique wedding cakes, such as a cinnamon bun wedding cake, a combination of cupcakes displayed around a stand with a tier of cake at the top, gluten free wedding cakes and dessert options, ‘raw eating’ wedding cakes and cakes with amazing flavours like Salted Caramel, White Chocolate, Coconut and Raspberry, Sticky Date Cake with Butterscotch etc.  Many Brides are leaving desserts off their menu and serving up their amazing wedding cake instead, which makes so much sense – after eating dessert you rarely have room left to eat a piece of wedding cake as well.

Cinnamon Bun Wedding Cake from North Street Store

Wedding cakes are now a statement in themselves. With so many talented Perth Cake Bakers and Creatives in our Events Collective you can really create a unique wedding cake to suit your wedding style, taste and budget to make your ideas a reality.

Stunning suspended 3 tier cake from Boutique Cakes by Jaz.


Below is some wedding cake ideas from Perth Cake Creatives;  Boutique Cakes by Jaz, Cakes by Jack and Cakes by Desiree.







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