Gender Reveal Ideas

Posted 14 January 2020

The Reveal Deal – Gender Reveal Ideas

Trending right now in the world of new parents to be is the hosting of a ‘Gender Reveal’ party or ‘Baby Reveal’ celebration to reveal to family and friends the sex of the pending new arrival.

We are seeing some stunning fully styled reveal events with gorgeous backdrops, grazing tables, boho picnics and high teas.

Image – Backdrop by Perth Backdrop Hire

The food at these events is also starring with themed cakes and cookies.

Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Cookies

Image – Gender Reveal Cookies by Stamp’d Cookies

We have seen gender specific foods such as a bowl of M&Ms with a sign saying ‘No Nuts’ and a bowl with M&M Peanuts and a sign saying “Nuts”, pink and blue fairy floss, even drink stations with pink and blue drinks or cocktail slushie machines.

At the time of having an ultrasound you can ask the sonographer performing the ultrasound to tell you the sex of your baby or request that the sex of your baby is placed on a note into an envelope.  If you choose to find out the gender of the baby you and your partner can announce the gender publicly to your family, friends and invited guest. If you didn’t find out the gender at the ultrasound you can give the envelope with the sex of the baby to your chosen Perth Creative to prepare for your gender reveal for you.  If you know the sex of your baby, you may want to organise the gender reveal yourself.  There are plenty of DIY options and you can purchase gender reveal supplies in Perth.

There are so many creative ways to revel the gender of your baby at a reveal party. The most popular Gender Reveal ideas we have been seeing is the Gender Reveal Balloon Pop, where the parents-to-be burst open together an oversized balloon and either blue or pink confetti spills out.  Parents expecting twins, triplets etc will have multiple balloons.

Other trending reveal ideas are;

  • Cutting a cake to revel layers of blue or pink icing or blue and pink cake with white icing
  • Smashing open a pinata filled with blue or pink confetti
  • Opening a box filled with blue or pink balloons
  • Biting into sugar cookies to reveal coloured blue or pink icing or sprinkles
  • Biting into cup cakes to reveal blue or pink icing
  • You can even buy a basketball, football or soccer ball to reveal pink or blue smoke

Your gender reveal may not be an event with family and friends, but instead it is a moment with just you and your partner and other children to reveal the gender.  Use your imagination and come up with a unique idea. After a car ignited last year at a gender reveal party in Queensland when blue coloured smoke was spewing from a car doing a burnout, we do not recommend this!




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