Cake Smash DIY Drive By Party

Posted 12 April 2020

Maceys 1st Birthday Drive By Party with a DIY Cake Smash

Did you have a theme for your Event?

Yes, pastel rainbow!  Due to the restrictions in place for social distancing and gatherings due the the Corona Virus pandemic, we held a drive by party.

Tell us all about your event the styling, decoration, food, entertainment, music, games etc.

We sourced a pretty pastel pink number one balloon and a rainbow ballon from Parties Made Pretty which we had inflated at spotlight and ordered a pastel green, yellow, purple, pink and blue balloon garland made by The Balloon Collection.   The balloon garland was installed on the front pillar of the porch and the number one and rainbow balloons were floating above Macey’s high chair.  My mum made a cake smash for Macey and we played our own music or as the cars drove by they played happy birthday or music as they went past.

Tell us about your event planning experience.

It was a very low key event given the circumstances and as we couldn’t have a party.  It was a super basic event bus something fun and a bit different and a party that will be remembered for many years to come 🙂

What are your favourite memories from your event?

Her cake smash.

What are your tips for anyone planning the type of event you held, particularly in this time of uncertainty we are in, due to COVID-19?

Just a few basic decorations and faces of loved ones can make something out of this weird time ! It was an hour to give us a memory of her birthday and it was great!

Would you have done anything differently?

Yes if we weren’t social distancing we would have had more of a party with family and friends.

Date of your event?
Friday 10th April 2020.

Location of Event and why did you choose this location?

At home, regardless of the circumstances we would have hosted at home.


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