Wedding Inspiration: Nicole and Jordan’s Wedding

Posted 6 May 2020

Real Bride of WA – Nicole’s Wedding Inspiration

How long were you and your partner together for before getting engaged and how did your partner propose?
Jordan and I were together for 8 years before Jordan proposed. He did it during our family/maternity photo shoot while I was pregnant with our second baby.


Where was your ceremony held and why did you choose this location?
Our ceremony & reception was held at Jordan’s Parents property in Mount Helena. We chose this spot as we thought it would be the perfect backdrop and sentimental for the occasion.

How many guests did you have?
Originally we had 150 attending, but due to our wedding being at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, we had guests pull out, so we ended up with about 85-90 guests.

Did you have a theme?
I would say a boho theme.

How many bridal boutiques did you go to before saying ‘Yes to the Dress?”  How did you find the whole wedding dress experience?
I found my wedding dress in the first shop! I took along one friend with me, spotted my dress first. I think I tried my dress on about 4th and loved it. The experience was different to what I imagined. I face timed my Mum & best friend each dress as they both do not live in Perth.  I really did just decide at the time, that week I was only going to have a look!

Where did you buy your wedding dress from?
I bought my wedding dress from Zoo Bridal in Mandurah.

Did you do bridal party proposals or gifts,  if yes, what? 
Yes I did, I sent the girls all a gold star pendant with a quote ‘good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are always there’.

At the time all my fav girls lived in different towns to me, so I do not get to see them a lot.

Did you have bomboniere, if yes what?
We had shot glasses, ‘Take a shot, Nicole & Jordan tied the knot’ . Cafe Patron was a signature at our wedding.

What were your wedding songs, which song for what?

James Arther – Say you wont let go / Walking down the aisle song

LAUV – I like me better / Walking back down the aisle song

Jonah Baker – A thousand years acoustic / Signing the marriage certificate song

Randy Travis – Deeper than the holla / Our first dance song

Did you have a wedding cake? If yes what type if no why?
Yes, we had a wedding cake made by our favourite cousin Tracey and decorated with flowers and a cake topper.

What are your favourite memories of your wedding day?
I thinking having our bridal party photos taken, having our kids involved in the ceremony and walking into the reception as Husband and Wife!

Tell us about your wedding inspiration and planning experience.
Wedding planning was a big task, especially as a lot of it was DIY and at a private venue! Even if you try lay it all out at the beginning there is always a last minute something you forget! I organised everything from, toilets, decorations, cutlery, staff, DJ, alcohol, outfits, and so much more! The main stress caused was from Covid-19 as mentioned below. Perth Wedding Cakes   



Tell us about your wedding  – the flowers, ceremony and reception styling, food etc. 
Our wedding was a lot of DIY and family help! All of our food was prepared & cooked by Jordan’s Mum. She had helping hands from friends and family but she did an awesome job at all of our favourite meals! Everyone raved about the feast.  Perth Wedding Florists

Our Wedding Ceremony and Reception styling was created by  myself and friend Imogen. I collected a lot of my items leading up to the wedding. Very nerve racking styling it yourself but I like to think it saved us money and we both enjoyed creating the vibe!

Flowers, again Imogen and I made them. We used artificial florals and greenery for my bridal bouquet and for the bridesmaids we added a touch of fresh gum leaves on the day to the artificial flowers.

Tell us about your day, from where you stayed the night before and with who, the vibe on the day getting ready, to arriving at the ceremony through to leaving the reception.
The day before the wedding was very busy setting up decorations, string lights, tables & chairs (which we are very lucky we had lots of helpers) plus a rehearsal. Once all this was complete the bridesmaids and I headed off to the Casino roof top bar for a few pre-wedding cocktails, dinner and a dance! I had one of my bridesmaids stay with me in the Crown Towers and in the morning the other girls came early for hair & makeup! The girls had organised a breakfast grazing table from @grazed_by_krysten which was a fab idea as we could pick at it all morning. Most of the morning the vibe was relaxed, a few tears on the phone to my maid of honour who unfortunately could not attend due to the travel isolation restrictions. Absolutely devastating for us as we have been friends for nearly 12 years! Another spanner in the works was when we got a phone call from the boys regarding seating restrictions due to covid 19. This threw my long banquet tables out the window as people had to be more spread out, and poor Jordan had the stress of rearranging tables to suit guidelines and to suit my style. We were very lucky that at this point the gatherings was still at 100 people for outdoor venues, but I can admit it added to the stress levels.

On the car ride to the venue, my girls were more nervous than me, we did have to wait at the driveway for 5 minutes or so as we arrived earlier than scheduled (Nicole to a T). Ceremony was filled with all of our favourite people and my Maid of honour on facetime in the crowd. Jayce (our 4 year old) stood with the groomsman and Charli (our 2 year old) wandered around stealing the show. The night was filled with love, patron and a good dance on the dance floor. We ended the night on the bus we arranged for our guests to head back to the Casino. What a night !

What are your tips for Brides to be?
My wedding tips would be ;

  • to shop around for the best buys
  • set out a budget (yes we did go slightly over)
  • make sure you put forward the ‘must have’ items for you guys as a couple

To me, I didn’t want to set myself to a low budget for my wedding dress and wedding photographer/videographer as they were my must haves. However I was able to shop almost every other outfits (bridal party and our kids outfits) on sale! And a lot of other items i got a great deal on!

I am a very relaxed person so I was expecting some things not to all go to plan on the day and I was preparing myself not to stress about those. But I did not expect a pandemic to happen!

Location for your wedding photos, and why did you choose this location? 
We chose to stay at my in-laws property for our wedding photos as they had a few different locations within the property. We chose to move from place to place via motorbikes which is very ‘us’ and it made it easier to include our kids when it was their turn for photos!

Date of your wedding?

21st March 2020

Photography by Ebøny Blush Photography


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