Saving Instagram Posts

Posted 6 February 2020

Did you know you can Save Instagram Posts?

Recently I was shocked  to learn how many experienced Instagram users, young and old were not aware of / or using the Instagram Save feature!  Instead, they are taking screenshots of posts for inspiration and post ideas, competitors posts, marketing and branding advice posts, Instagram hack posts etc so they can save the images / posts for future reference.  Then going back into Instagram, searching for the IG account who made the post, and scrolling through the account to find the post!  This is very time consuming, and when you are running a small business time is money and we always need to find ways to work smarter.

If you can resinate with any of the above, you are going to love, this little Instagram tip I am going to share.

Instagram has it’s very own Save function!  The Save function allows you to create collections and save images and posts, much the same way as pinning an image you like to a board on Pinterest.  It is sooooo good!  It is easy, quick and FREE.

Follow the instructions below to create a collection to start using the Save function.

  1. See a post or image you like on Instagram that you want to keep or read at another time.
  2. Tap the Save button at the bottom right of the post.
  3. Tap Save to Collection.
  4. The image will show with a Heading New Collection and a flashing cursor underneath the image.
  5. Type the heading name of the collection you would like to create eg Post Inspo, Competitors, Marketing Tips.
  6. Tap Done and the Save button will turn to black.
  7. Next time you go to Save a post Tap the Save button then tap Save to collection, and you will have the option to either create a new collection by tapping the + to create a collection or tap the image of a collection you have previously created to save to it.
  8. If you don’t choose a collection it will just save to an all photos folder.
  9. To view your Saved images / collections, go to your profile page tap the three lines at the top right hand corner.
  10. Tap Saved and your collections will display like computer folders. An All Posts folder will display then your collections folders.

Give it a go you will love it!






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